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2014 International Meeting

Vienna, Austria

Meeting Begins: 7/6/2014
Meeting Ends: 7/10/2014

Note that the deadline for paper proposals is 11:59 PM (23:59) Eastern Standard Time (UTC -5) on the day PREVIOUS to the deadline below.

Call For Papers Opens: 10/28/2013
Call For Papers Closes: 2/12/2014
Requirements for Participation

The Bible in the Twenty-First Century: Politization of Bibles and Biblization of Politics (EABS)

Program Unit Type: Group
Accepting Papers? Yes

Call For Papers: Politization of Bibles and Biblization of Politics: Politics of Genealogy - In recent years we have focused on various ways and means used by communities for adapting “their” bibles for political ends, in the widest signification of “political”, the past as well as the present. Continuing our project of investigating how bibles are conceived today, and how they are defined and enlisted for shaping societies and for remembering the future, be those societies religious or secular, in previous years we examined notions and methodologies employed for reading biblical families, fraternity and sorority. Still interested to trace how, why, when and by whom kinship terms get abstracted into other social and ideological “realities”, our focus since 2013 is on the politics of genealogies in the Jewish and Christian bibles, and beyond them. ¶We plan two sessions for 2014. One session will be hosted together with the ISBL Contextual Interpretation group on “Genealogies and Gender in Biblical Texts” and will feature invited papers. ¶A second open session will be hosted together with the SBL Children and Families group and will be on “Constructing families: Functions and Aims of Genealogies“. Paper proposals are invited on and around this theme, both in the Hebrew Bible and in the New Testament. When papers are in dialogue with postcolonial discourse, queer studies, empire studies, international relations studies, subaltern studies, and related methodological-theoretical approaches, they will be particularly welcome. ¶Proposals for papers for the second, open session should be submitted directly to the program unit chairs: Athalya Brenner  and Jeremy Punt. ¶Drafts of papers will be posted about a month before the conference on Athalya’s homepage. During the session, papers will be summarized in panel fashion in order to leave ample time for a general discussion.

Program Unit Chairs

Athalya Brenner-Idan
Jeremy Punt

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