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Teaching the Bible
As the international learned society for biblical scholars, teaching is at the core of the SBL mission, and the Society has a long-standing commitment to teaching and education related to biblical scholarship.
SBL Program Units
SBL members meet and present conference papers at yearly meetings. To browse the topics go to the program unit page, select a meeting and browse the topics.
Wabash Syllabi Collection
The Wabash Center and the American Academy of Religion (AAR) have compiled a collection of more that 1800 syllabi in a wide variety of courses in religious and theological studies.

Bible Odyssey

In 2014 SBL launched a site to highlight the work of guild members and their contribution to the understanding of this foundational text. The Bible is a revered text for many and holds an iconic status in American and even global culture. And yet, studies show that people are unfamiliar with its key themes or stories—and who can blame them? The Bible is not one book, but many: a compilation of poetry, law codes, novellas, proverbs, gospels, and letters that were pulled together over the centuries. Being literate about the Bible is a tall order—but an important one. Given the Bible’s immense impact, our civic conversations and cultural awareness can only improve when we are able to recognize key people, places, and passages of the Bible. In addition, many readers are also unfamiliar with critical approaches to the text. There is a big difference between Bible study, which happens in a religious setting, and study of the Bible, which happens in an academic one.  




The Bible in Secondary Schools Project
reaches out to high school teachers and administrators with resources for designing classes for American public school settings.



The SBL International Cooperation Initiative's (ICI) mission is to foster biblical scholarship and to facilitate mutual cooperation among colleagues. In that spirit, SBL is establishing databases that will allow scholars who would like the experience of volunteer teaching in other countries and institutions that can accomodate them to connect. Individual scholars and schools will have the information needed to contact each other and make their own arrangements. Scholars and institutions that wish to participate should email Charlie Haws.

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