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Call for Papers

2010 International Meeting

Tartu, Estonia

Meeting Begins7/25/2010
Meeting Ends7/29/2010

Call for Papers Opens: 10/1/2009
Call for Papers Closes: 2/2/2010

Requirements for Participation

  Program Units

Poster Session
Sections offer the broadest access to the meeting program. Volunteer paper proposals are welcome.
Ancient Near East
Anthropology and the Bible (EABS)
Apocalyptic Literature
Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha
Archaeology of the Levant (EABS)
Bible and Its Influence: History and Impact
Bible and Music
Bible and the Moving Image
Bible and Visual Culture
Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Law
Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Wisdom
Biblical Hebrew and Linguistics (EABS)
Biblical Interpretation in Early Christianity
Biblical Studies and Technology
Biblical Theology
Catholic Epistles
Comparative Studies of Literature from the Persian and Hellenistic Periods
Concept Analysis and the Hebrew Bible
Critical Theory and Biblical Interpretation
Cultural Memory in Biblical Exegesis (EABS)
Early Christianity (EABS)
Early Christianity and the Ancient Economy
Ecological Hermeneutics
Epigraphical and Paleological Studies Pertaining to the Biblical World
Expressions of Religion in Israel
Feminist Interpretations
Gender Criticism and the Bible (EABS)
Graeco-Roman Society (EABS)
Greco-Roman World
Healthcare and Disability in the Ancient World
Hellenistic Greek Language and Linguistics
Hellenistic Judaism
Ideology, Culture, and Translation
Israel and the Production and Reception of Authoritative Books in the Persian and Hellenistic Period (EABS)
Israel in the Ancient Near East (EABS)
Johannine Literature
Magic and Divination in the Biblical World (EABS)
Metaphors in Proverbs (EABS)
Methods and Models for Studying the Pentateuch (EABS)
Methods in Hebrew Bible Studies
Methods in New Testament Studies
Mind, Society, and Tradition
Palestine and Babylon: Two Jewish Late Antique Cultures and Their Interrelation
Paul and Pauline Literature
Pentateuch (Torah)
Professional Issues
Psychological Hermeneutics of Biblical Themes and Texts
Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls
Quran and Islamic Tradition in Comparative Perspective
Relevance Theory and Biblical Interpretation
Samaritan Studies (EABS)
Sociology of the Bible (EABS)
Synoptic Gospels
Textual Criticism: Manuscripts & Methods
The Address of Canon in the Light of the Different Shapes of Canon (EABS)
The Bible and Sacred Space (EABS)
The Bible and the Visual Arts (EABS)
The Bible in the Iberian World: Fundaments of a Religious Melting Pot (EABS)
The Bible in the Twenty-First Century: Politization of Bibles and Biblization of Politics (EABS)
The Biblical World and Its Reception (EABS)
The Philistines (EABS)
Whence and Whither?: Methodology and the Future of Biblical Studies
Writings (including Psalms)
Seminars are established around well-defined research topics or projects with specific publication plans. Seminars have limited membership but permit auditors. Papers are discussed, not read.
Biblical Characters in Three Traditions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam)
Consultations are exploratory program units focused on new areas of interest. Volunteer proposals are occasionally welcome.
Ancient Near Eastern Iconography and the Bible
Bible and Empire
Bible in Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Traditions
Families and Children in the Ancient World
Nag Hammadi and Gnosticism
Nonbiblical Dead Sea Scrolls: Themes and Perspectives
Persian Period
Place, Space, and Identity in the Ancient Mediterranean World
SBL Committees
Status of Women in the Profession
Bethsaida Excavations Project
European Research Centre for Ancient East-Mediterranean Cultures (CAMC)
Subject Centre for Philosophical and Religious Studies

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