Scholars Behaving Badly: “Charles Gadda,” Raphael Golb, and the Campaign of Anonymity on the Internet to Promote Norman Golb and Smear His Rivals

This paper will address the ongoing criminal investigation into the case of Raphael Golb, son of University of Chicago Oriental Institute professor Norman Golb, who allegedly used over 80 internet aliases to defend the academic views of his father concerning Qumran, and to harass, defame, smear, and harm the careers of multiple Dead Sea Scrolls scholars, including the author. This paper examines the growing use of the Internet by scholars in the forms of blogs, message groups, discussion boards, and email to discuss and promote their academic views. The paper will offer a list of recommended good practices for scholars to follow on the Internet to promote transparency, credibility, and professionalism, as well as a list of things to avoid online.