The Place of the Treatise De plantatione in Philo’s Allegorical Commentary

This paper is a continuation of the author’s work on the structure of Philo’s allegorical treatises, and in particular of his earlier paper on the treatise De agricultura presented in New Orleans in 2009. De plantatione follows on from De agricultura and continues some of its themes. However, its structure is less unified than in the case of the earlier treatise and its final part stands out as strikingly different. In order to gain a better understanding of what Philo intended with this treatise, it will be necessary to examine the entire sequence of treatises on Gen 9:20–27 that run from De agricultura to De sobrietate and on that basis reach some conclusions on Philo’s aims and method in the Allegorical Commentary as a whole. The paper forms part of a project, undertaken together with Dr A. C. Geljon, to produce a commentary on the treatise for the Philo of Alexandria Commentary Series. This will be a sequel to the earlier commentary by the same authors on De agricultura (Leiden 2013). ITALICIZE NAMES OF PHILONIC TREATISES IN ABOVE ABSTRACT