"Through His Own Blood" (Heb 9:12): Did Jesus Offer His Blood in Heaven?

David Moffitt has recently argued that Jesus' resurrection was a major assumption of Hebrews, reversing a long-standing consensus that the resurrection seems to play little role in the theology of Hebrews or that it sees resurrection more in spiritualized terms. This paper proposes to evaluate his rereading of Hebrews, with Hebrews 9:12 as the banner verse. While we might expect Hebrews to say that Christ entered heaven with his own blood, this key verse rather says that Christ entered heaven "through" his own blood. Throughout Hebrews, flesh and blood are always mentioned at remove from the heavenly realm, which by contrast is consistently the realm of spirit. Hebrews 2 gives no indication that Jesus took his flesh and blood into the heavenly oikoumene, nor does Hebrews 7 clearly formulate "indestructible life" in terms of a glorified body. Further, there is no clear connection between Christ's perfection in Hebrews and resurrection. While it is a difficult conclusion to make, given the fact that Hebrews clearly believes in resurrection, the paper concludes that a "spiritual" resurrection still best fits the inductive evidence of Hebrews, referencing Jubilees and 1 Enoch as providing precedents.