Enabling faith-based education on the Sustainable Development Goals through e-learning

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are composed from a variety of universal goals: Planet, People, Prosperity, Peace and Partnership. They come with a heavy load on ethical demands while they do not provide any ethical guidance. One possibility to fill this void is to teach the SDGs with a faith-based narrative and to ask: a) How can technology support the implementation of a curriculum for teaching the SDGs within theological education? b) How does educational governance look like which can implement such an e-learning approach within a theological curriculum c) How can we enable theology to support SDG-based training in a theological curriculum to fill the ethical gap in the SDGs? Grown out of a workshop of Bread for the World I will present the design of an app running on Android Smartphones and iPhones, to support e-learning on the SDGs in theological education in remote areas in the Global South. I will show how educational governance in countries of the Global South needs to look and how a curriculum on sustainability in theological education can be build through such an app.