On the PULSE of Mo(u)rning: Reading Hebrews 11:29–12:2 between Orlando and Charleston

The murders at Pulse Night Club in Orlando and Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston hold ambivalent significance for Black and Latinx queer religious scholar-activists. Allegiances are contested by societal demands to empathize with one group over and against another. These demands create another kind of double consciousness (cf. DuBois) that places racial-ethnic identity in conflict with sexual identity for racial-ethnic queer folks. This paper reads Hebrews 11:29-12:2 through Blatinx (Black and Latinx) experience(s) to acknowledge and honor the great cloud of witnesses comprised of Black and queer “angels watching over us.” It builds upon Jeremy Punt’s “politics of genealogies” (Neotestamentica 47.2 [2013]) to explore the socio-political dimensions of the Hebrews catalogue of ancestors in light of the intersection between the Charleston 9 and the Orlando 49. In so doing, it will theorize on the implications of Blatinx perseverance as we remember forward – and run the race that is set before us as queer religious scholar-activists and allies.