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SBL Regional Meetings
The Society has eleven regional groups. These groups are autonomous groups of SBL members who have come together to meet locally. Some groups are affiliated with other biblical and religious societies.
Any SBL member may attend any Regional Meeting but information is only sent automatically to members within the region.
2021 Regional Meeting Schedule

Central States Region No 2021 meeting  --
Eastern Great Lakes Region March 18-20 Virtual Meeting -
Mid Atlantic Region March 12 and 15 Virtual Meeting -
Midwest Region No 2021 meeting- -
New England/E Canada Region March 5-6          Virtual Meeting-
Pacific Coast Region March-April 2021 Virtual Meeting -
Pacific Northwest Region May 21-23 Virtual Meeting -
Rocky Mountains - Great Plains Region March 19-26  Virtual Meeting -
Southeastern Region March 12-14 Virtual Meeting -
Southwestern Region March 6  Virtual Meeting -
Upper Midwest Region April 9-11 Virtual Meeting -

Paul Kim is the Chair of the Regional Coordinators Committee. Click here to view other members of the committee. 

Regions Administration and Structure

Regional gatherings have long been integral to the Society’s activities and its members’ interests, and they have grown and evolved in numerous ways. They, however, were confronted with the need to change their mode of operation in 2002 with the passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. While these regulations challenged the decentralization of the Society that the regions favored, the Society’s Council and Executive Director committed themselves to maintaining the independence and distinctiveness of the North American regions and to supporting regional ownership and creativity. In this regard, Council appointed a Task Force on Regions in its October 2009 fall council meeting and charged the task force with making recommendations on how to comply with federal mandates while preserving the strengths of the regions.

The Task Force committed itself to several objectives:

  • to promote SBL’s engagement on a regional level in North America in order to foster biblical scholarship
  • to reduce risk and liability issues confronted in the course of such engagement
  • to enable the Society to allocate resource dollars more effectively on regional programs
  • to encourage and promote the independence and distinctiveness of the regions
  • to support regional ownership and creativity; and
  • to help scale and replicate regional initiatives and programs in other regions and at the national and international levels
To view the full final report submitted to Council, see North American Regions Administration and Structure.

Regional Scholars Program
The Regional Scholars' Program has been developed by the Society of Biblical Literature's Council of Regional Coordinators to recognize promising younger scholars in the field of biblical studies. Its objective is to encourage their intellectual development through a mentoring program and to provide practical assistance in securing a place to present their work at the Society's Annual Meeting.
To qualify for the SBL Regional Scholars Program scholars should be at least ABD and no more than four years past the receipt of their Ph.D. Women and underrepresented minorities are encouraged to apply.

Information on the application process is available from the Regional Coordinator of each region.


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