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The Member Review is a bi-weekly communication drafted with the SBL member at heart. This communication aims to highlight members, promulgate resources, and deliver recent announcements that might be of interest to members. The initiatives and voices of various members will be featured to illustrate the diverse backgrounds and interests of student, full, and public members. The Member Review will present resources and opportunities for continuing education, publication, and networking to aid in member development and success. Should you have a resource and/or announcement you would like to add to this communication, email SBL Services. If there is anything you would like to share on how we could better assist members, schedule an appointment to chat with us.
Member Spotlight

Bible Odyssey Interviews

Emma Buckles/Jeffrey Leonard
Jesse Ainslie/Joseph Lam

Nick Smolenski
SBL Committee Interviews

Interview with Stacy Davis on the SBL Regional Coordinators Committee

  Interview with Jackie Hidalgo on the SBL Status of Women in the Profession Committee

Interview with Pat Graham on the SBL Research and Publications Committee


Pride Month 2021

Eric Thomas
Joseph Marchal

Jimmy Hoke
Charlene van der Walt

Melissa Harl Sellew

What Do I Do as a Biblical Scholar?

Ekaputra Tupamahu
John Ahn

Sharon Jacob
Marc Brettler

Mario Melendez
Carol Meyers

Eric Meyers
Janette Ok

Women in biblical scholarship

Lynn Huber
Vanessa Lovelace

Kristin De Troyer
Angela Parker

Kirsty Jones
Samaria Divine

Herbert Marbury on the Importance of Diversity in Translation


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