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Patrick Durusau, the Director of Research and Development at the SBL hasbeen appointed to a three year term as the International Representativefor the V1 Technical Committee of the International Committee forInformation Technology Standards (INCITS). INCITS is a tradeorganization of composed of the leading providers of informationtechnology and services. It is accredited by and operates under rulesapproved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).
The V1 Technical Commitee, is charged with oversight of the developmentof standards that affect both the composition and publishing ofscholarly works, as well as other commercial office and publishingactivities. Patrick represents the V1 committee at meetings of the SC 34committee (IEC/ISO) which is currently engaged in developing thestandards for the next generation of information technology.
This appointment provides the SBL with the oppotunity to voice the needsof scholars in the development of new technologies, rather than scholarsadapting to technologies after the fact. This position can serve as anactive voice in the standards process on behalf of scholars, but only ifyou make your needs known. The SBL has generously agreed to support thisthree year appointment so your support of the SBL contributes to thiseffort to bring the concerns of scholars to the standards process. (FYI,the standards process has resulted in technologies such as HTML, XML andnumerous others. Standards affect what we can and cannot do as scholarswith technology. If you want technology to support you as a scholar, thetime to speak is now.)

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