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Prof. Leonard Greenspoon has a grand perspective on Bible translating. I wish all translators would approach the Bible with his attitude. Many do, but I've known a few who thought differently about their worth. Thanks for sharing his perspective!I'm a Christian who appreciates the translation of JPS TANACH, as well as other Jewish works now available in English, such as being done by Mesorah Publications and others.In the July presentation on translating:(1) Temper Longman III made reference to Song of Song 8:8-9, not 8:5-6. (2) Barclay N. Newman appears unaware that there is a major difference in the Greek text of, e.g., the NKJV and the NRSV (as well as the CEV). (3) Patrick D. Miller is correct in his concern about a shared text. I'm part of a congregation that uses many translations. What is even more frustrating for me, a retired missionary-pastor, is the many commentaries (and "devotional notes") stuck in with the Bible which, for some (many?), are held as sacred as Scripture itself.Thanks for sharing the various perspectives!Shalom!Rev. Larin R. Kerrthefirstlarin@earthlink.netPort Orchard, Washington

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