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On September 10, the White House released a statement marking this October as National Arts and Humanities Month. Americans for the Arts, coordinator for the event, encourages cultural organizations and individuals to help raise the profile of the arts and humanities in local communities across the country by participating in NAHM. A list of "101 Things to Do to Celebrate the Month" can be found at the following location on their web site:

President Bush's letter is as follows:

* * * * * * * * * * * *

September 10, 2002

I am pleased to join fellow Americans in observing October as National Arts and Humanities Month. The arts enhance our lives, stimulate our creativity, and allow us to express our emotions, thoughts, and aspirations through countless forms of artistic expression. Through the humanities we learn about ourselves, and about the important contributions of those who came before us.

Across our country, people of all ages convey their values and their beliefs through artistic and intellectual works. These creative efforts communicate the ideas that shape lives. As we face the challenges of a new era, the arts and humanities will be vital to a future of innovation, opportunity, and hope. As tools for learning, the arts and humanities have a positive impact on our children's cognitive development, their confidence, and their motivation. During this month, I encourage all citizens to participate in activities that celebrate our rich artistic and intellectual heritage, and to learn more about the artists and scholars whose work continues to enrich our society, our Nation, and the world.

Laura joins me in sending our best wishes.

George Bush

* * * * * * * * * * * *

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