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Don't-Miss Sessions

The Zeal of Phinehas: The Bible and the Legitimation of Violence, Presidential Address by John J. Collins, Yale University (S23-125)
Saturday, 8:30 pm

The "James" Ossuary: A panel discussion with Andre Lemaire
Sunday, 1:00 pm in the Canadian Ballroom, Royal York Hotel

Other Testaments: An Interview with Jacques Derrida "On Religion" (S24-125)
Sunday 7:00 pm

Engaging the Text: Strategic Teaching to Enhance Learning
Saturday 9:00 am

For an overview of all SBL sessions, in calendar format see:

Changes and Corrections
A full list of changes, corrections and updates is available on the SBL website, linked through the annual meeting page. The Annual Meeting At-A-Glance will be available in print form at the meeting listing all of these changes—in addition to a fully integrated schedule with all sessions (AAR, SBL and Additional Meetings).

The following changes are of particular importance:
Please note that the SBL Presidential Address and the SBL Annual Business Meeting are listed incorrectly in the Session Index in the program book. Both sessions are listed correctly in the full program.

S22-1 Beyond Walls: An Introductory Workshop has been cancelled.
S25-19 Romans Through History and Cultures Seminar

Travel grant awardee, Andrianjatovo Rakotoharintsifa, Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar, has been forced to withdraw due to political instability in his homeland.

S25-3 "Towards the Outside: Perspectives on Derrida's Religious Thought" (S25-23 / A191) is listed incorrectly in the Program Highlights on page 100. It is scheduled for Monday, 9:00am - 11:30am.

S25-125 "La Toucher / Touching Her: Touch in the Gospels" (S25-125 / A240) is listed incorrectly in the Program Highlights on page 100. It is scheduled for Monday, 4:00pm - 6:30pm.

Visit Our Sponsor
The Society is especially thankful for the support of our first Gold Level Annual Meeting Sponsor, Abingdon Press. Please stop by their booth (#406) in the Exhibit Hall.

And Do You Have Your Passport??
Please remember that everyone entering Canada for the Annual Meeting must pass through Canadian customs and immigration. This means that U.S. citizens must have a passport or both: an official birth certificate and government-issued photo identification (e.g., driver's license).

Naturalized U.S. citizens must bring their naturalization certificate. Non-U.S. citizens should have inquired about visa requirements from their own country prior to travel.

More information on entry requirements to Canada can be found at . Official information on entering the US from Canada is available at U.S. Immigration web site

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