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Academia Biblica is the new elegant name of the distinguished SBL dissertation series. This name change is another effect of the new SBL-Brill collaboration. Academia Biblica publishes outstanding doctoral dissertations in book form on topics of the Hebrew Bible and New Testament. Because of the added exposure to the European market that Brill brings, SBL will shed the former series title in part because of the differing PhD degree requirements in Europe compared to the US.

The leadership of the Hebrew Bible side of Academia Biblica has shifted to Adele Berlin, the President of SBL during 2000 and distinguished scholar holding the Robert H. Smith professorship of Hebrew Bible at the University of Maryland. In the words of Adele Berlin, Academia Biblica "will help scholars all over the world gain rapid access to cutting-edge work in biblical studies." The series brings new works of academic scholarship into the scholarly forum, and provides junior scholars an opportunity for publishing. The outgoing Hebrew Bible editor, Saul Olyan, is thanked for his continuing contribution to so many SBL activities.

Send submissions to: Adele Berlin (Hebrew Bible/Old Testament), University of Maryland, Dept. of English, 3101 Susquehanna Hall, College Park, MD 20742-8815 (Email:, or Mark Allan Powell (New Testament), Trinity Lutheran Seminary, 2199 E. Main Street, Columbus, OH 43209-2334 (Email:

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