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The 2004 Society Fund drive is now underway with the goal of 500 contributions from the SBL membership. Membership dues cover less than 30% of Society expenses for congresses, publications, technology projects, and programs that address the professional needs of members. Congresses and publications provide a large portion of revenue, but the SBL still depends on grants from external funding agencies and gifts from members to meet all of its financial needs.

During the 2003 Society Fund drive, the SBL Council met the challenge of 100% participation for itself, and many other members not only volunteered time and talents but made financial contributions. In 2004, the Society is inviting all members to give to the fund. In appreciation for their financial gifts, those who participate in the drive during the year will be invited to a donor reception held at the SBL Annual Meeting and will receive a donor sticker for their meeting name badges, and will be listed on the SBL Forum website in January.

Contributions may be made through the SBL Store.

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