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If you have are presenting a paper at the 2004 Annual Meeting and would like it included in Seminar Papers Online Edition you must submit it in accordance with these instuctions by July 1, 2004

Instructions for the Seminar Papers Online Edition

  • Only papers accepted for the 2004 Annual Meeting and approved by Program Unit Chairs may be submitted.
  • Papers must be emailed to the SBL as an attachment to the following address: Papers sent to any other address will be deleted.
  • Papers will be converted to PDF format and uploaded to the SBL website.
  • A printed copy of the paper must be sent to the SBL office. No faxed papers will be accepted. The mailing address for papers is:
    Matthew S. Collins, Seminar Papers, 825 Houston Mill Road, Suite 350, Atlanta, GA 30329
  • The electronic and printed versions of the paper must follow these guidelines exactly. Any papers not following these guidelines will be returned for revision.
  • Style — all papers must follow The SBL Handbook of Style. The handbook is available on the SBL web site at:
  • For points not covered in the SBL Handbook, please refer to the Chicago Manual of Style, 15th ed.
  • Electronic copy file format — must be in Word, WordPerfect, or RTF (rich text) format — no exceptions.
  • All papers must be printed or formatted for an 8½ x 11 inch paper size.
  • All text must be in a Times font
  • All non-western characters must use the SBL fonts found on the SBL website at:
  • The first page of the paper must contain the following items:
    XXXX-Author's full name and institution. If there is no institution, the author's city of residence must be listed. No titles, positions or honorifics are permitted. Do not use abbreviations.
    -The full title of the paper.
    -The name of the program unit to which the paper was submitted. Please check the website for the correct name.
  • Illustrations or photos must be embedded within the electronic file: no separate graphics are permitted.

    Material requiring permissions:
  • If you use illustrations (or significant textual materials) from other publications, you are responsible for obtaining permission from the original publisher and enclosing copies of the permission with your paper.
  • Any applicable permissions fees are the responsibility of the author.

  • Length: 10,000 words or less (including footnotes). Papers longer than this limit will be returned.
  • DEADLINE: Emailed copy — July 1, 2004. Print copy — July 7, 2004
  • POSTING: The Seminar Papers Online will be posted by September 1, 2004.

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