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The Society's strategic goals include offering members opportunities for mutual support, intellectual growth and professional development as teachers and scholars.

In order to more effectively and efficiently carry out this strategic goal the Program Committee under Brian Blount's leadership along with Matthew Collins, Director of Congresses, has devised a series of new initiatives.

Streamlining Program Unit Proposals
The first initiative is the streamlining of the requirements for program unit proposals See checklist:


The new requirements greatly simplify the application process without compromising the integrity of reviewing proposals for clarity and purpose.

New Lecture Series
The second initiative constitutes the launching of new Annual Meeting lecture series around four themes.

The themes are designed with two goals: a) to address issues that emerge in the geographical locations where the meeting occurs and b) to identify potential program units and ongoing sessions for succeeding years. The four themes are listed below along with brief descriptions and schedules for upcoming sessions. If you are interested in participating in any of these lecture series, please contact Matthew Collins ( or a member of the Program Committee.

  • Regional Connections—aspects of biblical scholarship of particular interest in the geographic region of the Annual Meeting

    2004 Sessions:

    —Recent Uses of Theory in Latino/a Hermeneutics and Teaching of the Bible (S20-66) Saturday, 1:00 pm-3:30 pm, MRC-Salon C

    —Myth and Reality: Issues in Scholarly Reconstruction of the Histories of the Alamo and the Bible (S21-135) Sunday, 4:00 pm-5:30pm, CC-Lila Cockrell Theatre

  • Religion in the Public Arena—exploring the nature of public discourse related to biblical texts and studies

    2004 Sessions:

    —Religion in the Public Arena (S21-71)—Scripture, Sexuality, and the Body Sunday, 1:00 pm-3:30 pm, CC-Lila Cockrell Theater
  • Dynamics of Bible and Theology—examining the use of and interplay between the Bible, biblical studies, and constructive theologies (beginning in 2005)
  • State of the Discipline—reporting on the status of the discipline in three subject areas each year (beginning in 2005).

Future Meetings Locations
Consistent with the Society's strategic goals of:

  • organizing congresses for scholarly exchange
  • facilitating broad and open discussion from a variety of perspectives
  • collaborating with educational institutions and other appropriate organizations,
the Society selects meeting sites that are accessible, diverse, and desirable. Consideration is always given to such factors as hotel room and meal costs; flight availability and pricing; proximity to a significant pool of members; and facility accessibility.

Each of the cities presents diverse cultural heritages and opportunities. The Society has selected future sites through 2011 and will in the very near future announce the site for 2012.

  • 2005—Philadelphia
  • 2006—Washington, DC
  • 2007—San Diego
  • 2008—Boston
  • 2009—New Orleans
  • 2010—Atlanta
  • 2011—San Francisco

In 2011 the Society has agreed in principle to coordinate a combined exhibit with the American Academy of Religion who will meet in a nearby hotel. The Society will make every effort to make this meeting one that draws on all of the advantages of bringing together members from both organizations, a variety of additional meetings, and affiliated organizations.

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