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Due to the brisk response from SBL members and others to the prepublication offer for all of Semeia on one CD, Logos Research Systems has moved it into production! Semeia will be available as part of the Logos Bible Software package as well as a standalone CD.

For $29.95 you can own 91 volumes of the journal that expanded the horizons of biblical studies by exploring new methods of biblical criticism, such as linguistics, folklore studies, contemporary literary criticism, structuralism, and social anthropology. Many issues of Semeia remain classic works in biblical studies, including Apocalypse: The Morphology of a Genre (Semeia 14), The Book of Job and Ricoeur's Hermeneutics (Semeia 19), Social-Scientific Criticism of the New Testament and Its Social World (Semeia 35), Women, War, and Metaphor (Semeia 61), and Thinking in Signs: Semiotics and Biblical Studies (Semeia 82), to name but a few.

This product is due to ship late in 2004 and should be available for purchase at the SBL Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas. Go to to read more about this opportunity and to place a prepublication order. For additional information, contact Patrick Durusau or Bob Buller at the Society of Biblical Literature.

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