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The program for the 2004 national conference of Imagining America: Artists and Scholars in Public Life, is now posted online at

The conference will take place November 5-7 and the theme is "Making Knowledge: Democracy, Cultural Partnerships, and the University."

The deadline for conference registration is October 22, 2005. If you have any questions about the conference, please contact Heather Dornoff at or by phone at (734) 615-8370.

The conference will include keynotes by Ivan Karp of Emory University, an international leader in the fields of public scholarship and museum studies, and by Dean Rebecca Bushnell, who will address new directions in university engagement. Ira Harkavy, Director of Penn's Center for Community Partnerships, will discuss the Center's innovative programs. There will be an open forum on the election, featuring Harry Boyte (author of the just-published Everyday Politics) and another forum on tenure policies for public scholars. The conference will feature site visits to Philadelphia schools, to a church that is a community partner on a gospel music project, and to an art museum. Several workshops will zero in on the connections among liberal learning, performance, and public engagement. Two of these will feature poet Sekou Sundiata, along with the faculty, arts presenters, and undergraduate students who are collaborating with him on the "America Project." Other workshops will highlight community arts programs linking campuses and community-based organizations and Project 2050 of the New World Theater, which is part of the Animating Democracy Initiative.

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