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Patrick Durusau, the Director of Research and Development, has submitted his letter of resignation effective the end of April. He has decided to pursue a career as an independent consultant.

Kent Richards, the Executive Director, praised Patrick for his efforts to make certain that the voice of biblical studies is heard in the vast world of technology. Patrick developed one of the first 7500 web pages in the world. He has participated in international standards work and pushed SBL's participation in the digital world. Richards said, "Patrick will continue to make significant contributions in the role of technology in biblical studies and far beyond that world. His expertise, creative problem solving, and anticipation of future developments will continue to influence SBL's technological initiatives."

When Patrick was asked about his moving on to new adventures he said:

I have greatly enjoyed working with and on behalf of the Society of Biblical Literature.

I will continue to be an active SBL member and look forward to continuing the many relationships, both professional and personal, that I have formed as a member of the SBL staff.

Rapidly emerging technologies promise to bring new ways for the SBL to foster biblical scholarship. I will continue to bring those to the attention of the SBL staff and it members.

Patrick can be reached at:

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