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1 September 2005

The academic year is going to be severely impacted at many Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi seminaries, universities, and community colleges. Mayor Nagin of New Orleans estimated on ABC's "Good Morning America," that it may be 12-16 weeks before people can come back.

Members and Their Institutional Websites

We have members at many of the institutions that are being severely affected. Listed below are those institutions, and their websites, that we are aware of having SBL members.

Centenary College of Louisiana, Shreveport:

Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge:

Louisiana State University, Shreveport:

Loyola University, New Orleans:

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, New Orleans:

Notre Dame Seminary Graduate School of Theology, New Orleans:

Tulane University,New Orleans:

Xavier University,New Orleans:

Belhaven College, Jackson:

Millsaps College, Jackson:

University of Mississippi, Oxford:

Wesely Biblical Seminary, Jackson:

William Carey College, Gulf Port:

Auburn University, Auburn:

Faulkner University, Montgomery:

Oakwood College, Huntsville:

Samford University, Birmingham :

Southeastern Bible College, Birmingham:

Southern Christian University, Montgomery:

Spring Hill College, Mobile:

University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa:

University of Mobile, Mobile:

University of South Alabama, Mobile:

Contacting Colleagues

If you are trying to locate a colleague, please feel free to e-mail messages here and they will be posted in "Katrina Messages". We will update the names within 24 hours of having received them. Send messages to: Forum

Additional Information

Katrina information that has been helpful to us; we will add information as it is passed on to us.

Our thoughts and concerns are with all of the people in the affected area.
Please donate to the Red Cross or other emergency service provider.

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