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If you are trying to locate a colleague, please feel free to e-mail messages and they will be posted here. We will update the names within 24 hours of having received them. Send messages to: Forum

September 8, 2005

My brother Demetrius:

I am so pleased to know you are okay, with family and friends. I have tried unsuccessfully to reach you. Please let me know if there is anything I/we can do from here to help. Make contact whenever you are able.



September 6, 2005

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I have been watching the newsshows about your desaster here in Germany. To my knowledge, I do not miss anyone I might know. PLease let me adress my deep concern and solidarity. Is there any help you might need besides financial aid? Please contact me.
May God bless you all

Dr. Melanie Köhlmoos, University of Göttingen/Germany


September 1, 2005

I wanted to report that I and Demetrius Williams are with our families and are fine. The road ahead will be long and hard. Please continue your prayers.

Chris Brady
Tulane University


September 1, 2005

Thank you so very, very much for posting this information about Katrina and the academic institutions in the states where the disaster occurred and is causing havoc.

In addition, there several other colleges and universities in the area that I'm guessing do not have SBL memberships.

I taught in New Orleans this past summer (05), and to places where I taught, worshipped, slept, shopped, researched, worked-out and power walked under all that water, including seeing the interstate hwy that I traveled broken into pieces like tinker toys or Lincoln logs is sobering and so tragic.

Again thank you. Let us continue to hold our colleagues, friends, and family in a special place, and in prayer.

Cheryl Kirk-Duggan
Shaw University Divinity School


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