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Bible Translation 2001: International Conference on Theory and Practice will convene on the campus of the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics (GIAL) in Dallas, October 18-20, 2001. It will be co-sponsored by SIL International and GIAL. The purpose is to provide an academic forum for cutting-edge presentation and discussion of developing theory for the future practice of Bible translation.

Audience: Practitioners, consultants, professors, theorists, students and interested persons.
Cost: $100 per full-paying participant, with a student rate of $25.
Proceedings: The proceedings will basically consist of four different activities.

—The John Beekman Lecture Series (named in honor of the first SIL International Translation Coordinator) will be a daily one and a half hour plenary session for three days (one hour lecture plus 30 minutes interaction with audience). Dr. Barclay Newman, Senior Translation Officer of the American Bible Society has accepted our invitation to be the plenary speaker. He is a noted scholar whose Greek dictionary is an integral part of the UBS Greek N. T. volume. More recently Barclay Newman has been the lead translator for the Contemporary English Version, the CEV.

—A Friday night banquet will be an opportunity to engage the public and hopefully attract more people than just those attending the actual conference itself. Dr. Scott Munger, Vice President of Translation for the International Bible Society, has accepted our invitation to be the banquet speaker.

—Seminars: Possible topics include: Bible translation and missiology, Bible translation and theology, Bible translation and technology, Bible translation and linguistics, Bible translation and training, Bible translation and national involvement, Bible translation and state of the art tools, Bible translation and theory, Bible translation and anthropology and Bible translation and biblical languages. Those who are interested in leading or organizing a workshop should get in touch with our office.

—Papers: These papers will either fall under the domain of a workshop topic (and hence be moderated by the workshop leader) or they will be placed into a miscellaneous category.

The conference will have a maximum registration of 200, and not more than 100 of those from SIL membership. Posters and flyers announcing the conference are now available.

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