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Academic Commons is a forum forinvestigating and defining the role that technology can play in liberal artseducation. Sponsored by the Center of Inquiry in the Liberal Arts at WabashCollege, Academic Commons publishes essays,reviews, interviews, showcases of innovative uses of technology, andvignettes that critically examine technology uses in the classroom.

Academic Commons also provides a forum for academic technology projects andgroups (the Developer's Kit) and a link to a new learning object referatory(LoLa). The library archives all materials they have published and alsoprovides links to allied organizations, mailing lists, blogs, and journalsthrough a Professional Development Center.

Highlights of the First Edition
The first edition of Academic Commons features essays by Richard Lanham("Copyright 101"), Michael Joyce ("Interspace: Our Commonly ValuedUnknowing"), Patricia O'Neill and Janet Simons ("Using Technology inLearning to Speak the Language of Film"), and Michelle Glaros ("The Dangersof Just-In-Time Education"), and an interview with Gerald Graff. The issuealso includes two teaching and learning "vignettes," a good handful ofreviews (websites, hardware, and software) and showcases (exemplary academicweb projects), and links to a variety of interesting teaching, learning, andtechnology projects.

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