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SBL Forum has offered many book reviews in the past thanks to our dedicated volunteers. We would like to expand this popular offering and try to have reviews included in every Forum issue.

Review of Biblical Literature and Journal of Biblical Literature have the reviews of scholarly and pedagogical books and software for our members well covered. We would like to focus Forum reviews on those books that speak to a wider public audience and also books that would be of interest to SBL members but are not necessarily about the bible. We are asking for ideas on books that should be reviewed as well as asking for volunteers to review the books.

We have requested review copies of these books:

  • Where God Was Born: A Journey by Land to the Roots of Religion
    by Bruce Feiler

  • The Life of David
    by Robert Pinsky

  • Is Religion Killing Us? Violence in the Bible and the Quran
    by Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer

  • How to Read the Bible
    By Marc Zvi Brettler

  • How the Bible Was Built
    Charles Merrill Smith, James W. Bennett

  • The Uttermost Part of the Earth: A Guide to Places in the Bible
    Richard R. Losch

  • Understanding the Hebrew Bible: A Reader's Guide
    by Elliot Rabin

  • Shakespeare, Einstein, and the Bottom Line :The Marketing of Higher Education
    by David L. Kirp

  • Jesus and Yahweh: The Names Divine
    by Harold Bloom

  • Fallen
    By David Maine

If you are interested in reviewing one of these, or have suggestions for other books (including your own) that we should review, please e-mail Leonard Greenspoon

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