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The Society of Biblical Literature is pleased to announce a new member benefit: free online access to every issue of the Journal of Biblical Literature. Long recognized as the flagship journal of the field and soon to celebrate its 125th year of publication, JBL is scheduled for release into the JSTOR Arts and Sciences III collection in November 2005. By the end of January 2006, the SBL will provide every member with free access to the first 119 volumes of JBL within the JSTOR archive (recent issues will continue to be made available on the SBL website). In order to access JSTOR's collection of JBL, a member will merely need to log in to the SBL website using his or her SBL member number, then click on the link that will be provided to be rerouted to JSTOR's collection of JBL.


For additional information on this new member benefit, please contact Chris Madell at the Society of Biblical Literature. For further information on JSTOR, an independent, not-for-profit organization commited to creating a trusted archive of scholarly journals, see

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