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Review of The Bible and Its Influence
Steven L. McKenzie

The Bible and Its Influence (New York/Fairfield, VA: BLP Publishing, 2005)

  • Dear SBL and Dr. M:

    Thanks first of all for your excellent article on the BLP. Your criticisms reflected ones that I had brought up on my blog a while back.

    After I read your article I corresponded with Philip Davies on it. He asked me to write it up in detail. It is on my blog here:

    Essentially I researched all the names and organizational affiliations, all are right-wing religious. Very scary. I ended with this:

    "As for the Society of Biblical Literature: I do not ask. I do not request. I do not even beg. I implore. The SBL needs to speak. It needs to come together as a body and present, directly to the public, the scholarly and pedagogical reasons why the Bible Literacy Project should not be purchased by even a single secular school. Remember SBL members, that in the world the American Religious Right seeks to create, there is no place for the kind of probing, insightful, contentious, tentative, methodologically and historically informed scholarship that breathes life into our understanding of the Bible and its world."

    If there was EVER a time for the SBL to leave its tower and speak to the public, this is the moment. Please, please do not fail us.

    Michael Turton
    AFL Dept
    Chaoyang University
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