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The Society's Research and Publications Committee recently approved a proposal to establish a new book series, Society of Biblical Literature History of Biblical Studies, and appointed Leo G. Perdue (Old Testament/Hebrew Bible) and Lawrence L. Welborn (New Testament) as SBLHBS series editors. The principal goal of the series is to make available in English translation seminal biblical-studies resources from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries that have never before appeared in English in spite of their past and ongoing significance for biblical scholarship. However, the series will also consider the publication of monographs devoted to a history of biblical scholarship and may, in some circumstances, publish translations of more recent works important for the history of biblical studies.

Professors Perdue and Welborn have already commissioned translations of the first two volumes that will appear in the series:

  1. Julius Wellhausen, Israelitische und jüdische Geschichte (6th ed.; Berlin: de Gruyter, 1921). While Wellhausen's Prolegomena has been available in English since 1885 (J. Sutherland Black and Allan Menzies [Edinburgh: Black, 1885, with an introductory essay by William Robertson Smith]), his seminal history, which established the major contours of the composition and interpretation of the history of ancient Israel and early Judaism, has yet to be translated into English. Any modern history of Israel should begin with this interpretation in order to enter into critical dialogue with the methods and issues of the late nineteenth century, which have continued to influence contemporary understanding.
  2. A combined volume containing Albert Eichhorn, Das Abendmahl im Neuen Testament (Leipzig: Mohr Siebeck, 1898), and Hugo Greßmann, Albert Eichhorn und die religionsgeschichtliche Schule (Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1914). Albert Eichhorn is widely recognized as the most influential figure in the origin of the history of religions school. His Abendmahl boldly emphasized the role of need, belief, and culture in shaping the New Testament reports of Jesus' last supper. Hugo Greßmann's vivid account of Eichhorn's life, method, and influence places the origin of the history of religions movement in its proper historical context.

To learn more about SBLHBS, to recommend a volume for consideration, or to explore the possibility of translating a volume, please contact:

Leo G. Perdue (Old Testament/Hebrew Bible):
Lawrence L. Welborn (New Testament):
or Bob Buller (SBL Editorial Director):

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