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We have set up a discussion group area on the SBL Website, in hopes that it will serve as a place to advance biblical scholarship; encourage new colleagues; and discuss issues that affect biblical scholars. Bookmark this address:

SBL Discussion Lists

We have started with two groups: The Student Advisory Group(SAG) and Miqra.

The purpose of SAG is to coordinate student participation across all Society activities, committees, and programs in an effort to foster greater opportunities for student participation and leadership development. Diane Curtis, a student intern at SBL, will moderate the SAG discussion group.

The Miqra group is for scholarly dialogue about literary, linguistic, archaeological, social, political, historical, and ideological issues in studying the Hebrew Bible. Ron Troxel has volunteered to moderate Miqra and has been a driving force it bringing back this discussion forum.

Our thanks to both Diane and Ron for the many hours thay have put in on this project, and the many more to come.

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