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In an effort to make the Journal of Biblical Literature as widely available as possible, the Society of Biblical Literature has agreed to offer online subscriptions to JBL through MetaPress, "the world's largest scholarly content host" and home to nearly 3,500 journals from 67 different publishers (see Beginning in 2007, the 126th year of JBL's publication history, readers will have three options for gaining access to the rich content of the flagship journal of the field.

Currently JBL is available to subscribers in print format and to the online public at large in PDF form (the most recent issue being restricted to SBL members). None of this will change. However, beginning in 2007 JBL will also be available as part of the MetaPress online collection—free to all SBL members and by subscription to nonmembers and institutions such as libraries. In short, JBL will continue to be offered as a print journal to paid subscribers, and those who wish to continue accessing JBL in PDF form from the SBL website will be able to do so. However, those who take advantage of JBL access via MetaPress (the third access option) will enjoy increased capabilities, such as

  • full-text searching of all JBL issues in the MetaPress archive (2001-current);
  • automated table of contents, subject, and custom-term email alerts; and
  • display of articles in HTML and PDF, providing multiple usage options.
To access JBL through MetaPress, an SBL member will simply need to log in with his or her SBL membership number on the SBL website, navigate to the JBL home page, and then link directly to JBL online at the MetaPress site. No further registration or filling out of forms will be required. Although all SBL members will have free access to JBL via MetaPress, we encourage members to recommend that their institutions also subscribe to JBL online, so that everyone, professor and student alike, can freely access the latest and best of biblical scholarship. Full subscription details will be available from the SBL Member Services Department in October. In the meantime, if you would like to learn more about JBL online via MetaPress, please feel free to contact Billie Jean Collins.

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