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The Society of Biblical Literature and Logos Bible Software announce two sets of awards for papers that creatively use technology in exploring questions of grammar and syntax in biblical studies: one focusing on the Hebrew Bible, the other on the Greek New Testament. The contests are open to all those engaged in the study of those disciplines, and prizes will be awarded in both areas for student and faculty/professional categories. A total of twelve awards will be given. The awards will total $8,000 in cash, $8,000 in software, and $1,600 in print publications.

The goal of these jointly sponsored essay contests is to foster creative biblical scholarship in the use of technology to expand our understanding of the grammar and syntax of the biblical Hebrew and Greek texts. Two review panels of SBL members will determine the winners of the awards. The deadline for submissions is 1 May 2007. The winners will be announced during the SBL International Meeting (winners do not need to be present). No Logos or SBL employee may submit a paper.

For complete information go to the SBL Logos Awards page.

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