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This letter is in response to John Dart's article: Biblical Research Findings for the Public

Dear Friend:

As a theologian with a long-standing interest in the interaction of science and religion—specifically, biblical religion—I am delighted to learn that biblical scholars are finally thinking of catching up with scientists and science teachers who—believe me—are very interested and involved not just in science but in science education. Do you think that leading scientists and science educators such as Ursula Goodenough and others don't spend serious time and effort testifying and lobbying in Washington and elsewhere in favor of serious, rigorous standards in science education in the public schools? Think again.

How else—in their respective fields—can both science teachers and religion and Bible teachers convey to the American public some idea of both the appropriateness and the characteristics of really serious thinking in both fields, of the difference between those fields, and of the appropriate relation between them? If even highly intelligent and committed scientists with a strong interest in religion come off as too often woefully ignorant of what any undergraduate religion major knows, how firm a grip do you think the average American citizen is going to have on these issues?

And yet not just educational but often major policy (not to say political) decisions depend on religious convictions that are passionately held but—all too often—woefully uninformed, or naïve, or even clueless. If the American people want not only to survive but to prevail and flourish in the future as they have in the past, it is time that they begin to think not as children but as adults. So let us begin.

Dr. Charles Dickinson

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