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We have two new sessions to announce for the Annual Meeting. They are not in your program book but will be listed in the At-A-Glance booklet you can pick up in the registration area at the meeting.
The full program book is available online.

S20-50 Congregation Based Biblical Scholarship
Monday, November 20, 1:00pm - 3:30pm
Room: Hyatt Hotel, Constitution D

The conversation on 'Congregation-Based Biblical Scholarship' continues with a panel discussion exploring, 'Reading Scripture Across the Divides.' The "divides" in view are multiple — theological and ecclesial, racial/ethnic, gender, geography, and sexuality among others — and will be considered from the perspective of the classroom, the faith community, and the public square. The two hour session begins at 1 PM on Monday, November 20, and will be followed by a business meeting to plan for future meetings of the proposed 'Congregation-Based Biblical Scholarship' Section. For further information contact William Brosend at or 931/598-1442.

William Brosend, University of the South, Presiding

Marcus Borg, Oregon State University
Barbara Brown Taylor, Piedmont College
Ben Witherington III, Asbury Theological Seminary

S19-144 Women in the Biblical World
Sunday, November 19, 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Room: Hyatt Hotel, The Wilson Room

Theme: Musical Re-Tellings of Biblical Women's Stories

Music based on texts about biblical women brings these women's stories to life with a fresh immediacy. Composers set biblical stories because they were inspired by the story and characters; their music brings new dimensions to both. The music to be presented in this program ranges from the Baroque up to contemporary music. In this "musical midrash," the words of the biblical women set to music move us in deeper ways than the text alone ever can. Music to be presented includes such rarities as Kurt Weill's songs for Miriam and for Ruth; contrasted arias for Judith; a Judith-Holofernes duet by Scarlatti; Ruth-Naomi duets; a duet from Rossini's opera Mosé, and much more. For readers of the Bible who long for biblical women of flesh and blood, songs, oratorios and operas will partially fulfill that longing.

Cantor Helen Leneman, University of Amsterdam, Mezzo-soprano
Cantor Rachel Hersh Epstein, Soprano
Karin Firsow, Pianist

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