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There have been several items of interest over the past few weeks.

From Inside Higher Education:
Harming the Historical Record

"Scholars who work on large archival projects have struggled during the Bush administration. The president has repeatedly proposed eliminating the National Historical Publications and Records Commission, which is one of the two federal programs that supports the intense, decades-long projects that involve editing and publishing of collections of documents. Congress has saved the program, but just barely."

From The Chronicle of Higher Education:

From September 26th:

Secretary of Education Will Propose More U.S. Aid for Students and a Database to Track Their Progress in College

IN A WIDELY ANTICIPATED SPEECH today, the U.S. secretary of education, Margaret Spellings, will lay out an "action plan" for higher education that will call for the creation of a controversial database to track students' academic progress, increased spending on need-based student aid, and more accountability for colleges, particuarly on rising costs.

In Her Own Words: Secretary Spellings Says "Time Is of the Essence" in Carrying Out Commission's Recommendations

IN AN INTERVIEW, Ms. Spellings said "time is of the essence" in carrying out the commission"s recommendations, calling its report "a good piece of work." She also said that academe is "underestimating the American public" in terms of the "anxiety and the urgency" surrounding the issues raised in the report.

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