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Chairs and Steering Committee Members:

Group started by April DeConick

Those who chaired the group (April DeConick, 1996-2002 [Rice University, USA], Andrea Lieber, 2002-2005 [Dickinson College, USA], and Kevin Sullivan, 2005-present [Illinois Wesleyan University, USA])

Those who have sat on the steering committee (Jim Davila. 1996-present [University of St. Andrews, Scotland], April DeConick, 1996-present [Rice University, USA], Jonathan Draper, 2003-present [University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa], Rebecca Lesses, 2004-present [Ithaca College, USA], Andrea Lieber, 2001-present [Dickinson College, USA], Chris Morray-Jones, 1996-2000 [Independent Scholar], Phil Munoa, 1996-2003 [Hope College, USA], Andrei Orlov, 2004-present [Marquette University, USA], Alan Segal, 1996-present [Barnard College and Columbia University, USA], and Kevin Sullivan, 2004-present [Illinois Wesleyan University, USA]).

Scholars who contributed papers or reviewed books included:

Ron Afzal, Philip Alexander, Daphna Arbel, Matthew Baldwin, Kelley Coblentz Bautch, Adam Becker, Ra'anan Abusch Boustan, Bogdan Bucur, Silviu Bunta, Elizabeth Clark, Jim Davila, April DeConick, Kindalee Pfremmer DeLong, Celia Deutsch, Nathaniel Deutsch, Jonathan Draper, Rachel Elior, Frances Flannery-Daily, Crispin Fletcher-Louis, Charles Gieschen, Alexander Golitizin, Alon Goshen-Gottstein, Bob Hall, David Halperin, Larry Hurtado, Rebecca Lesses, Andrea Lieber, Mark Kinzer, Jonathan Klawans, Jonathan Knight, Kathryn Muller Lopez, Edmondo Lupieri, James McGrath, Dan Merkur, Philip Munoa, Paulo Nogueira, Andrei Orlov, Birger Pearson, Catherine Playoust, Seth Sanders, Jane Schaberg, Alan Segal, Michael Swartz, Jonah Steinberg, Kevin Sullivan, John Turner, Michael Williams, Elliot Wolfson


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Boustan, Ra'anan Abusch, From Martyr to Mystic: the Story of the Ten Martyrs, Hekhalot Rabbati, and the Making of Merkavah Mysticism (Möhr-Siebeck, 2005).

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Ulansey, David. "The Transfiguration, Cosmic Symbolism, and the Transformation of Consciousness in the Gospel of Mark." No pages. Cited 15 February 2006. Online:

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