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We are pleased to announce that SBL is the North American distributor for titles published by Sheffield Phoenix Press (SPP). Orders are being taken through the SBL distribution network by phone, fax, or email and through the SBL online store. Purchasing SPP volumes through SBL allows customers to avoid paying international shipping charges or experiencing delays that are often part of international transactions. Scholars and students can purchase any SPP title directly from SBL at the same price listed on the SPP website. SBL will also represent SPP titles at various North American meetings where attendees will be able to examine and purchase SPP books.

Examine the SPP publication list, or go to the SBL Store and choose "Sheffield Phoenix Press" from the drop-down menu in the Series field. To order by phone, please call 877-725-3334; fax orders can be placed at 802-864-7626; or email orders may be directed to

If you have questions or suggestions pertaining to SBL's distribution of SPP titles, please feel free to contact Bob Buller or Leigh Andersen.

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