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As of January 2007 Student annual membership dues were reduced to $25. The future of the SBL depends on the vitality provided by our younger members, and the SBL wants no financial obstacle to prevent students from joining and becoming vitally involved. In addition, several new initiatives to organize students are well under way, and students may now participate in SBL governance and offer papers at our meetings. In short, students now have full access to all of the SBL benefits.

Full and Associate membership will increase slightly, to $65 and $45, respectively. This increase will help support the reduction in student membership and the new initiatives to offer complimentary membership to colleagues in developing countries whose annual salaries sometimes represent less than a week's salary for many of us.

Finally, as of January 2007 SBL discontinued the AAR discounted memberships. Since SBL dues are not graduated based on salary/income, the previous discount has been minimal for SBL membership.

SBL dues are one of the bargains among learned societies. Our discounted meeting registration for members, increasing digital resources, reduced pricing for partnering products, outstanding publications, and new efforts to create an even more effective forum for conversation among biblical, theological, religious, ethical, historical, literary, and archaeological colleagues continue to serve as our goal.

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