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These letters are in Response to The Anthropology of Biblical Archaeology

— Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed this article. For those approaching the subject from a perspective of a faith commitment, one could also explicitly add the obvious – a fuller understanding of their identity as believers, whether as Christians or Jews (and beyond to any other relevant religious groups). But this short comment, which anyway blends into a wider sense of memory and identity, does not wish to take away from the fine comments made in the article.
Pekka Pitkanen, University of Gloucestershire

—Congratulatulations both to Mr. Levy on his appointment, and the founder of his new Chair for her very generous contribution to scholarship.
Mr. Propp's lecture? I couldn't shake the impression of a long, erudite sermon.
I _think_ I agreed with almost everything said, but, of cultural malaise, I've already had a belly-full.
Sorry, but that's yesterday!
As a long-time practitioner of "trying to know more and more... [and] understand better and better", however,
I couldn't agree more with the last two paragraphs. Well said!
John S. Holladay, Jr. Professor Emeritus, Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations, University of Toronto

— I so enjoyed Dr. William Propp's lecture on the uses of archaeology that I read it twice — something I never do, even when gloating over a come-from-behind victory of my favorite sports team. And like an underdog victory, Propp has strengthened our courage and renewed our enthusiasm, in this case for the atavism and joy of worshipping a (useless) past. Kudos and thanks.
James Koenig, El Cerrito, California

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