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Ancient Vatican Library to Close
by David Willey, BBC News, Rome, 5/3/2007

One of the world's oldest libraries, at the Vatican, is to close for three years for rebuilding, in an unexpected blow to scholars around the world. Read more .

Tomb Of King Herod Discovered At Herodium
in Science Daily, 5/8/2007
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Campaign Promotes Bible to MySpace Generation
by Lynn Garrett, Religion BookLine - Publishers Weekly, 5/2/2007

On May 14 B&H Publishing Group's Holman Bibles division will launch, a video blog designed to expose high school and college students to the Holman Student Bible, which releases in July. A series of 3-5 minute weekly video episodes will be posted on MySpace, YouTube and FaceBook, leading viewers to to follow the lives of "Holman" and "Gigi," 20-somethings who are cubicle-bound in Nashville but dreaming of making it big in the music business.
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Chinese Open New Chapter With the People of the Book
by Xu Xin, The Jewish Daily Forward, 4/20/2007

The Chinese and Jewish cultures are both great, rich civilizations. These two major societies developed highly civilized forms in ancient times and persist until today, keeping continuous recorded accounts of their origins. Each of them has had a significant impact on world history, although the two cultures seldom met. As a result, not much was known in China about Jews, Jewish culture and Israel until recently.
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