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The Society of Biblical Literature and its publishing partner, Brown Judaic Studies (BJS), have responded to the call for support and assistance by the Institute of Jewish Studies at Nanjing University in China. BJS has offered to donate one copy of every title currently available from their backlist for the purpose of enriching the library and providing needed resources for students preparing for advanced degrees in Jewish Studies.

SBL has met the challenge by selecting some sixty titles from the Society's backlist that directly pertain to Hebrew Bible or language study that will be helpful to the Institute. Professor Xu Xin, who teaches in the Institute, has indicated that any books received at Nanjing duplicating titles already in their collection will be sent to other Chinese universities. This is one step in SBL's international initiative to foster biblical scholarship globally. Over the past two years, SBL books have also been donated to libraries in African seminaries. SBL is currently exploring ways to provide resource materials to under-resourced libraries world-wide.

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