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The Bible and Critical Theory
Volume 3 issue 2: June 2007

What has Mikhail Bakhtin, reclusive and evasive Russian literary critic who dodged the heavy blanket of censorship in the Soviet Union under Stalin, got to do with biblical studies? Quite a lot, if the recent spate of publications is any guide. In this collaborative publication between The Bible and Critical Theory journal and Semeia Studies, we bring you the best of this recent work on Bakhtin and the Bible. Running from Toni Morrison's use of the Bible to Tamar in Genesis 38, from eros and power to the 'education' of Jonathan in 1 Samuel 20, this venture explores a range of options for bringing Bakhtin into contact with the Bible.

Four of the essays in The Bible and Critical Theory 3.2 — those by Christine Mitchell, Barbara Green, Bula Maddison and Judy Fentress-Williams — will also appear later this year in an edited collection, Bakhtin and Genre Theory in Biblical Studies, to be published by the Society of Biblical Literature. It is a partnership we hope to continue: print for the book, which will have a few more essays in addition to the ones published here, and e-publishing for the journal.

In light of this collaboration, online access to the articles by Christine Mitchell and Bula Maddison will be free.

Monash University ePress, publisher of The Bible and Critical Theory, would like to offer SBL members an exclusive subscription offer to the online journal:

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