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Digging through the Bible
By Will King, The Jerusalem Post
September 27, 2007

The third season of renewed excavations at Ramat Rahel in Jerusalem has come to a close, with several exceptional finds that have increased archeologists' understanding of the site. Read more.

UAT Instructor Creates Cuneiform and Hieroglyphic Translator
TEMPE, AZ, Marketwire
August 23, 2007

University of Advancing Technology (UAT) instructor and senior web developer Joe McCormack has completed work on a web-based application that translates English words into cuneiform script from the Assyrian, Babylonian, Sumerian and the hieroglyphic script of Egyptian. Read more .

Jerusalem Affairs: Hard evidence
By Etgar Lefkovits, The Jerusalem Post Online Edition
September 27, 2007

For years, it was a Jerusalem archeological mystery. Where did the immense limestones used to build the Second Temple come from and how did they get there?
Some archeologists originally presumed that the quarry must have been located in close proximity to the Temple Mount, while others said it had to be located outside the built-up Old City.
But nobody knew for sure. Read more.

Yale Acquires Anchor Bible Series
September 25, 2007, The Book Standard
By Kimberly Maul

Yale University Press has acquired the Anchor Bible series from Doubleday for undisclosed terms. The series, which was started in 1956 with guidance from biblical scholar William Foxwell Albright, is a collection of more than 115 volumes of biblical scholarship. Read more .

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