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Scholars who relish the tactile aspects of their work—parchments, scrolls, printed books, even?—egads! handwritten notes?—are those least likely to cosy up to changes in media at the SBL.

Others may have embraced the electronic age long ago and have been patiently tapping their feet while SBL constructs a host of speedy and relevant information channels for its members.

We take some time in this issue of RSN: SBL Edition to explain some of the forms of electronic publication that the SBL now delivers to members and beyond.

Religious Studies News (RSN)
Formerly a joint AAR/SBL print publication, RSN has now morphed into two separate animals: AAR print and PDF versions (RSN: AAR Edition) and an SBL web-based (html) version (RSN: SBL Edition). A print version for SBL (complementing the electronic) is back on the table.

AAR and SBL agreed that they could each serve their members better by producing separately tailored newsletters. The AAR newsletter can still be reached (provided you are an AAR member) by visiting

Currently, all registered members of the SBL who have an email account or web access can receive the monthly issue of RSN: SBL Edition. Or anyone can visit the SBL Website address at the beginning of each month to view the current issue:

SBL Store
SBL has built the equivalent of "one stop shopping" on its website. Anyone (members or not) may now: become a member, renew membership, change member contact details, subscribe to a journal, search for and buy an SBL title, donate to SBL, register for the International Meeting, and make a donation to the Society Fund. We hope to offer online registration at the store for the Annual Meeting in the future.

When you visit , enter your member login and click on SBL Store in the left column (the quickest route). Or go directly (member or not) to . From that point a menu of options appears in the left hand column to choose from. While many users will encounter glitches with the site, the tradeoff is site security, which adds a level of complexity that can slow ease of use. If you are not getting through after more than one attempt, then send an email to: . We appreciate any user feedback to help develop the site into one that is both efficient and user-friendly. If being online is not accessible to you, SBL can be reached by its toll free number, fax, or at annual, regional, and international meetings, where all the above services are available.

SBL toll free: 877-725-3334 (for US and Canada)
Or: 802-864-6185 (Outside US and Canada)
SBL email:

Citation: Moira Bucciarelli, " SBL and the Electronic Age," SBL Forum , n.p. [cited May 2005]. Online:


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