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The Codex Sinaiticus Project announces the launch of the Codex Sinaiticus Project website.The purpose of the project is to create a virtual reunification of the Codex. 

The greater part of the Codex is held in the British Library (347 sheets) and a smaller section (43 sheets) at Leipzig University Library, with further portions still at St. Catherine’s Monastery, Mt Sinai, and at the National Library of Russia in St Petersburg.

This codex contains half the Jewish Old Testament and most of the Christian New Testament and offers unique evidence of what Greek-speaking Christians read around the year 350.It is believed to be one of the first times the two testaments were published together.

The Society of Biblical Literature is represented on the Advisory Board of the project. As the only member of the Advisory Board that does not own a piece of the Codex the Society’s role is to bring scholarly expertise and the ability to negotiate and to connect all who are interested in fostering biblical scholarship.

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