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This spring the SBL will publish 8 new titles. Editorial Director, Rex Matthews notes that the Spring 2002 list "represents the firstfruits of SBL's copublishing agreement with Brill Academic Publishers: all of the titles on this list will appear simultaneously from SBL in a paperback edition and from Brill in a hardback edition. This list also marks the advent of two new SBL book series: Studies in Biblical Literature and Academia Biblica." These series are essentially the original Monograph Series and Dissertation Series respectively.

The volume from the last International meeting in South Africa, Reading the Bible in the Global Village: Cape Town presents the work of prominent African and North American theologians and biblical scholars. The book meets increasing interest in how the Bible's effects have rippled around the world and is interpreted in nonwestern contexts.

Dennis Pardee of the University of Chicago contributes his book Ritual and Cult at Ugarit to the Writings from the Ancient World Series. This 320 page tome features ritual and poetic texts from Ugarit that shed light on late Bronze Age cultic practice and concepts of royalty, deity, ancestry, and power.

Raymond F. Person's book The Deuteronomic School: History, Social Setting, and Literature is a welcome review of current research on DtrH. He reinvigorates the current debates with ideas about the true nature and longevity of the scribal guild and their methods.

Antionette Clark Wire's new book, Holy Lives, Holy Deaths: A Close Hearing of Early Jewish Storytellers examines early storytelling techniques and motifs with an eye to their influence on the Biblical texts. Wire takes a large swathe of orally transmitted materials, inclusive of apocrypha, pseudepigraphical literature, early Jewish historians, first century Christian texts, Mishnah and early Talmud.

Look for these titles in your SBL catalog (call 877-725-3334 to request one) or visit the SBL store at: And just a reminder of the new SBL-Brill deal: SBL will now publish its titles in paperback only, while Netherlands academic publisher, Brill, will handle publication of all SBL titles in hardback (visit: SBL has created a new paperback design as a result of this new relationship.

Spring Cleaning

Some changes in the house of publications this spring to bring to your attention:

  • The Texts and Translations Series has been replaced by the new Writings from the Greco-Roman World series
  • The Monograph Series has been replaced by the new Studies in Biblical Literature series
  • The Dissertation Series has been replaced by the new Academia Biblica series
  • Global Perspectives on Biblical Scholarship is the new, more descriptive name of the series originally named Individual Volumes

If you have any questions about submissions criteria for any of these series, please contact: or at 404-727-3100.

Citation: Rex Matthews, " SBL Spring List Highlights," SBL Forum , n.p. [cited May 2005]. Online:


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