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The following green initiatives have been put in place for the SBL Annual Meeting in New Orleans.


Annual Meeting abstracts are available online. Printing the abstracts would have used 500,000 sheets of paper (equal to 30 trees) and added 450 tons of CO2 to the atmosphere—all at additional cost (estimated conservatively) to the SBL of $15,000.

Exhibits and Set-up

SBL’s event services contractor, Champion Exposition Services, makes exhibitor kits available in electronic format and ensures that any binders mailed are made from post-consumer recovered fiber and recycled paper and printed two-sided.  These options save over 200 pages of paper and 0.5 kilowatts per kit.  Champion uses (and reuses) recyclable components wherever possible, including in its aluminum system and carpet padding, which is made from 95% recycled urethane (material from chairs and car seats) and is CRI "Green Label" certified, meeting LEED low emission requirements.

Name Badges

The bins in which you pick up your name badges will be converted to recyclable receptacles. Please disassemble your name badges after use, and place the plastic and lanyards in corresponding bins. Recycling these badges could save 34.25 gallons of oil, 4.9 million BTUs of energy, and over 1 cubic meter of landfill space.

Program Book

Paper used in the Program Book is certified by the globally recognized Sustainable Forest Initiative, which certifies that wood and paper products are from well-managed forests and is backed by a rigorous, third-party certification audit. Use of recycled paper equates to a 40% reduction in energy versus paper made with unrecycled pulp. Recycling all Program Books would prevent nearly 8 cubic meters (over 9,000 square feet) of landfill space; it would also save over 40 mature trees, 17,500 gallons of water, 5 barrels of oil, and 10,250 kilowatt-hours of electricity — enough energy to power the average American home for well over a year.

SBL Executive Office

In conjunction with Emory University, the SBL Executive Office recycles paper, plastics, and aluminum. In September, the Office saved 1,976 pounds of recyclable waste from landfills.


Champion Exposition Services also provides SBL with high-quality signage that does not use laminate or glues, reducing the use of non-recyclable plastic products by more than 30%.  After the Annual Meeting, the graphics are reclaimed and fully recycled, completing the circle of sustainability.

Tote Bags

You can be proud of your SBL Annual Meeting tote bag not simply because of its functional style—yes, you can use it to haul foodstuffs from the grocery store just as you use it to transport books from the Exhibit Hall! The bag is made from 100%-recyclable 100G non-woven polypropylene with 20% post-industrial recycled content. Such bags are reusable, easy to clean, recyclable (type 5 plastic), and require less energy to produce than cotton bags.


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