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The Psalms of Solomon: Language, History, Theology
Eberhard Bons and Patrick Pouchelle, editors
This volume includes revised essays originally presented at the First International Meeting on the Psalms of Solomon. Researchers whose work focuses on the Psalms of Solomon, experts on the Septuagint, and scholars of Jewish Hellenistic literature take a fresh look at debates surrounding the text. Authors engage linguistic, historical, and theological issues, including the original language of the Psalms, their historical setting, and their theological intentions, with the goal of expanding our understanding of first-century BCE Jewish theology. PaperHardcover
The Writings and Later Wisdom Books
Christl M. Maier and Nuria Calduch-Benages (editors)
The latest volume in the Bible and Women series seeks to provide an ecumenical, gender-sensitive interpretation and reception history of the Writings and later wisdom traditions, including Ben Sira and the Wisdom of Solomon. Articles trace the living conditions of women, examine the presentation of female figures in the Israelite wisdom tradition, discuss women and gender relations in single books, and explore narratives about great female protagonists, such as Ruth, Esther, and Susanna, who prove their wit and strength in situations of conflict. PaperHardcover
Paul as Infant and Nursing Mother: Metaphor, Rhetoric, and Identity in 1 Thessalonians 2:5-8
Jennifer Houston McNeel
Paul employed metaphors of childbirth or breastfeeding in four out of the seven undisputed epistles. In this book, McNeel uses cognitive metaphor theory and social identity analysis to examine the meaning and function of these maternal metaphors. She asserts that metaphors carry cognitive content and that they are central to how humans process information, construct reality, and shape group identity. PaperHardcover
Untold Tales from the Book of Revelation: Sex and Gender, Empire and Ecology
Stephen D. Moore
This collection of previously published essays is a companion to The Bible in Theory: Critical and Postcritical Essays (2010). Chapters engage postcolonial studies, cultural studies, deconstruction, autobiographical criticism, masculinity studies, queer theory, affect theory, and animality studies—methods Moore believes present unprecedented challenges to the monochrome model of Revelation scholarship based on traditional historical-critical methods. PaperHardcover
Hidden Truths from Eden: Esoteric Readings of Genesis 1–3
Caroline Vander Stichele and Susanne Scholz (editors)
Since the sixteenth century CE, the field of biblical studies has focused on the literal meaning of texts. This collection seeks to rectify this oversight by integrating the study of esoteric readings into academic discourse. Case studies focusing on the first three chapters of Genesis cover different periods and methods from early Christian discourse through zoharic, kabbalistic, and alchemical literature to modern and post-postmodern approaches. PaperHardcover
The Shape and Shaping of the Book of Psalms: The Current State of Scholarship
Nancy L. Declaisse-Walford, editor
Drawing inspiration from Gerald H. Wilson’s The Editing of the Hebrew Psalter, this volume explores questions of the formation of the Psalter from the perspective of canonical criticism. Though called “canonical criticism,” the study actually employs a number of historically traditional and nontraditional approaches to reading the text, including form criticism, historical criticism of individual psalms as well as of the whole Psalter, and redaction criticism. PaperHardcover
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