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Professional Conduct Committee
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SBL maintains a Professional Conduct Committee (PCC). The committee serves to implement the Professional Conduct Policy.

SBL has established Professional Conduct Investigation Procedures that provide guidelines for gathering information, maintaining confidentiality to the extent possible, reaching an initial determination, allowing for an appeal, and determining disciplinary action. SBL will carefully investigate all complaints according to these guidelines. No individual will be retaliated against for making a complaint or assisting with the investigation of a complaint.

Any person who desires to report a possible violation of the SBL Professional Conduct Policy at an SBL sanctioned event should promptly contact the SBL Executive Director, the Chair of SBL Council, or the Professional Conduct Committee Chair.

Members of the Professional Conduct Committee are appointed by Council from other standing committees of SBL: two from the Status of Women in the Profession Committee, two from the Committee of Underrepresented Racial and Ethnic Minorities in the Profession, one from the Professional Development Committee, one from the LGBTIQ+ Scholars and Scholarship Committee, and one from the Students in the Profession Committee. Members' service on the Professional Conduct Committee will not exceed three years and may end sooner if their term of service on their respective SBL committees expires.
Members of the committee:



Years of Term

Richard M. Adams, Jr. 1 2022–2024
Kelsey Spinnato 1 2023
Rhiannon Graybill 1 2023–2025
Ahida Calderon Pilarski 1 2021–2023
Caroline Vander Stichele 1 2023–2025
Kimberly D. Russaw 1 2023–2025
Melissa Harl Sellew (chair) 1 2023–2024

Benny Liew - Staff Liaison


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