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Sites of Interest

    A site sponsored by the Biblical Archaeology Society, gives in-depth information on 29 sites currently undergoing excavation.
  • British School of Archaeology in Iraq
    The BSAI site has several links that cover the impact of the 2003 Iraq War on Iraq's cultural heritage.
  • The Archaeology of the Eastern Desert
    This site is intended to provide a comprehensive description of the archaeology of the Eastern Desert from the Early Palaeolithic up until the end of the Graeco-Roman period.
  • Archaeological Site Photography
    Recent (1973-1990) photographs of archaeological sites by John and Peggy Sanders. Classified under Mesopotamia and Egypt.
  • Egyptian Mirage a database of 19th-century "studio photographs" of Egypt in the collection of the Griffith Institute, Oxford.
  • Global Egyptian Museum: The Centre for Computer-aided Egyptological Research (CCER) has developed the Global Egyptian Museum (GEM) in collaboration with 13 European collections to offer access to 6,600 artifacts from those collections on the WWW. By the end of 2004, the number of artifacts is projected to reach 17,500. Accessible in seven languages, this site offers free 24 trial access, followed by a subscription requirement.
  • Hemma Plateau (Hassake, Syria) 2003 campaign report
  • The Survey and Excavation Project in Egypt (SEPE) will be of interest to scholars interested in the relationships of Egypt and neighboring countries, with an emphasis on the East Delta and the Sinai. Specific resources at this site include excavation reports from Tell Tebilla (East Delta) as well as material on the use of satellite imagery.
  • Tell en-Nasbeh Research Project
  • Theban Mapping Project
    Stunning use of new technology delivers an atlas of the Valley of the Kings. Includes a 3-D reconstruction of KV 14.
  • Virtual Petra
    Prof. Martha Joukowsky (Brown University) is leading a collaboration of scientists, engineers and artists to create a virtual restoration of the Great Temple of Petra. In addition to having academic merit, it also illustrates the advantages of cross-disciplinary collaboration.
  • Virtual World Project 
    A virtual tour of ancient sites along the Eastern Mediterranean
  • Digital Map of the Ancient Near East
    Digital map of the Ancient Near East; requires Mac OS 9.5 or later, or Internet Explorer 5.0 or later.
  • Holy Land Photos
    The purpose of is to make images from the lands of the Bible available to the general public.The site has been conceived, developed, and maintained on a volunteer basis by Dr. Carl Rasmussen and Jesse Gavin . Carl Rasmussen provides all photos unless otherwise noted. Please note - this is a GROWING site. Images are being added to it weekly.
  • Ancient sites Placemarks in Google Earth-from Olof Pedersén at Uppsala Universitet

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